If I have a favorite workout, it’s CrossFit.  There are no legitimate (quality training that is worth the cost) CrossFit gyms in Salem. So, I have created my own cross training gym in my garage.  I also vary what I do a lot during the week.  I get super bored, and I have a lot of different things that I enjoy doing!  I also adjust my workouts to what event I have coming up next.  As the Tri approaches and the weather is nicer, I get to add road biking back in, and need to get more serious about swimming once a week. The alumni game, I did shorter distances with runs and more HIIT training.

I have do schedule events to keep me motivated: my big 3 are: May – Seymour Mini Marathon; August – Tri Indy (Sprint Triathlon); November – Alumni basketball game

Current schedule:

Monday: Sprint day: great warm up, 10 – 100 yrd sprints, walk 100 in between; after completing jog until I hit 2 miles on my watch

Tuesday: Lift heavy things: warm up (get heart rate up; jump rope, jump on trampoline, or jog 1/4 mile, dynamic stretching, then lift heavy 5×5 each exercise) squat, power cleans, bench press, kettle bell swings.

Wednesday: Long run: 3-5 miles; but will need to up the mileage as I train for the Seymour Half Marathon in May

Thursday: Yoga, Pilates, or swim

Friday: 6am Basketball with the Scottsburg teachers

Saturday: (If racing on Saturday, switch Lift to Wed) Lift heavy things: deadlift, pullups (with bands to failure), thruster, overhead press, wall ball shots.