I feel like I’ve tried so many diets and programs.  The way of eating that I’ve had the best results and felt the best with is Paleo eating.  The basis of Paleo is eating “like a caveman.” So, the focus is on meat, fish, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and fruit (in moderation and mindful of natural sugar content for weigh loss).

Eat and Drink things that are REAL

One of the more challenging things for me is water, tea, black coffee only are the drinks that are allowed.  I’m terrible about wanting diet drinks, I had convinced myself in my younger years I’d rather eat than drink my calories, so diet drinks were a great way to enjoy that sweet taste of soft drinks.  “When you continue the diet soda cycle in the long term, you can develop insulin resistance which means that the extra insulin floating around in your blood is no longer effective. When you eat, the insulin no longer sweeps excess glucose from your blood and your body has to figure out other ways to get rid of it. That is when your body stores its extra glucose in fat cells and you start to put on weight” Lisa Ziegler, The Zone Diet  I also am very concerned with and trying to make a very conscious effort of eliminating the unnatural chemicals I put in my body.  Cancer is no joke, and the rise has to be due to all of these chemicals we have introduced into our modern lives over the years.

Check out this awesome article to let you know what is and is not allowed when trying to eat Paleo

What’s great about this too…….you don’t have to count calories or points, or anything!  If you stick to the Paleo menu, you should and probably will lose weight and feel SO much better!  If you are like me too though; that will take you so far; and now I have started tracking my food in My Fitness Pal to get a look at how I’m doing calorie wise and macro nutrient wise to make sure I still make progress.

This will NOT be easy in the beginning!

Your body will be detoxing, and you also will probably be coming off your sugar addiction; it is not fun at all.  I usually have a dull headache in the first 3 days.  You may also have lower energy and feel pretty irritable.  Your body is detoxing the chemicals and sugar, and switching your furnace over from glucose burning to fat burning.  Once you get into this stage too, you will start to see results and you will start to feel better.  A lot of your cravings will decrease typically, and if you do have something that has sugar in it or you go off plan, you will probably not feel well, and hopefully realize it’s not worth it. My first time with Paleo, I could smell the butter in the cookies at the faculty meeting down the hall!  If I eat something sweet now, it doesn’t even taste the same and it seem super magnified with the sugar you taste.  Try your best to commit, especially in the beginning to not cheating off the plan.  The longer you can stay in the fat burning stage, it seems to really reset your body; so after 21 or 30 days, if you had a cheat meal, it just seemed like I was able to bounce back quicker and get back into a fat burning state.


Paleo vs Primal vs Whole 30 vs Keto

Here’s the good thing….. pick any of these, and you are on your way to cleaner eating and a healthier you!

Primal is a little more flexible with real dairy and butter

Whole 30 is more strict than Paleo with fruits especially

Keto has more of fat driven focus, with 70% of your daily macros coming from fats

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