This will go through my daily uses and regimen of Young Living Essential Oils. Oils is a new lifestyle for me in the past few months.  With my commitment to Paleo, I stopped drinking diet drinks (tea and water only) and trying to eat more real foods. Honestly, the cancer epidemic is what my motivating factors are to clean up my health.  I had a health scare a couple months ago with a bad pap, and went though a lot of testing and procedures, which all came back ok…. but so many others are not so fortunate.  I feel cancer is on the rise due to all the chemicals we are exposed to and are putting in and on our bodies.  So, I was introduced to Young Living about the same time I was awaiting some answers to the procedures.  I love attempting to live a cleaner, more natural life; so oils, I’m learning, and I love it so far!

Upon my introduction to oils, I thought….would I really use these?  The answer is YES!  Here is a break down of my favorites and what I use them for daily!

Premium Start Kit Oils

Lavender – This oil has SO many uses! I love it to support sleep, relaxation, and I just love the smell.  I cannot tell you how much more pure this smells than the lavender I had bought from amazon a few years ago. I’ve used this in a room refresher spray with purification, made bath salts, sugar scrubs, and hand soap so far!  I also have the lavender lip balm.

Peppermint – used to support headache pain, and sinus support. I rubbed this on before I played in the alumni basketball game to help me feel more alert. I also used it a lot when I could not take aleve 2 weeks prior to a procedure I just had done a few weeks ago.

Stress Away, Peace and Calming I & II – Stress Away comes in the Premium Starter Kit, Peace and Calming I comes as a sample in the Premium Starter Kit, and I added Peace and Calming II.  I think the difference in these 3 are just a personal preference in which smells that you like and put you more at ease. These oils are great for rubbing on the back of my neck, and wrists, or diffusing before bed or before starting your day if you feel stressed.

Digize – I really like using this for stomach upset and diarrhea support on me and the kids.  For the kids I dilute it with a carrier oil and rub it on our bellies.  It doesn’t have the greatest scent, so if it bothers you, mix it with peppermint.

Copaiba and Panaway – this is my combination for achy, sore muscle support, and I just rub it straight on whatever is hurting.  Copaiba intensifies all of the oils and can be used with any of the oils.  Panaway reminds me of the icy hot smell.  It’s also a great one to inhale for an immediate pick me up.

Lemon Vitality – This oil I put right in a coffee cup (don’t put oils in plastic as it will soak in the plastic and begin to break it down), add water and drink each morning to help with supporting to detoxify my liver. The regular Lemon is great in the diffuser and to put in my thieves cleaner.

Purification – I have a car scent oil holder I use this in my car to help eliminate odors, I’ve also made a room refresher spray out of this oil.

R.C. – I also used this the day of the alumni game to help support and open up breathing.  I use this in combination to support my young son who was born prematurely and when he gets colds, he gets really congested deep in his lungs.

Frankincense – I rub this straight on my neck at night before bed to help support healthier, tighter skin in my neck area.  It also has a very calming, grounding smell to it that is the perfect end to my day it seems.

Thieves – This oil is the go to for supporting the immune function.  I have put a drop under my tongue, rubbed it directly on my neck, and drank a drop of it in my lemon water all to help support my immune function.

Additional Oils and Products I use frequently

Endoflex – This oil is probably my favorite because I love the smell so much, and is the first oil I added to my premium starter kit.  I put it on my wrists and neck each morning almost as a perfume.  I also rub it on my ovary areas to support hormonal balance.

Clary Sage – This oil is also for supporting hormone balance, I don’t like the smell of it near as much as I like endoflex, so I put clary sage on the inside of my ankles at night.

Oola Fitness – I use this right before I work out.  It seems to support me in being motivated and get me in the right mind-set to go work out.

Oola Field – I am actually using this oil right now as I type this blog in a diffuser right next to me. It seems to support clarity and an invigorating sense of motivation as well.

Valor – This is a new oil to me and it is used to support courage and again, it seems to support motivation; I plan on using it each morning as well to get my day started off well.

Gentle Baby – This oil is used to support calming myself and my son; I rub this one on the backs of our neck or our feet and/or put in the diffuser by the bed a lot at night.

Ningxia Red – this is a whole body super food drink that supports energy and wellness.  I put the bottle in the refrigerator, and have 2 oz each morning to take my daily vitamins with. There are 2 samples of this drink in the Premium Starter Kit.

Thieves cleaner – I am on a mission to work on switching my cleaning products out to more natural options.  The cleaner I put in a glass spray bottle I got off of amazon and diluted with water to use on counter tops and my everyday cleaning of the kitchen and bathrooms.

Thieves toothpaste – I am super picky about toothpaste, but I love this!  I was nervous the flavor would be awful, but it is not.  I feel like it is great support for removing stains and my mouth feels very clean.

Thieves dental floss – This seems to be working well and also enjoy using it.

Thieves dish soap – again, I’m working on switching to all natural products, so this is by out kitchen sink to wash dishes and hands with.

Diffusers – I have one in the kitchen that currently I’ve been using Christmas Spirit oil to freshen and enlighten our home. I have a diffuser by the bed that based on how we are feeling: stressed, sick, or needing to be calm is what I use in the diffuser each night.  I added a small diffuser in my office where I’m currently diffusing Oola Field.

I can’t emphasize what a great deal the Premium Starter Kit is to get you started to see if oils are right for you!  11 oils, samples, and a FREE diffuser for WAY less than you could even think about purchasing these items separately.  Also, you will be a distributor, which doesn’t mean you need to sell the oils, but you will get 24% off anything else you ever order.  There is no monthly shipping, no quotas to meet either!  You get the kit, and you can purchase any additional oils you want when you want at a discount.

Please use this link to sign up to get your Premium Starter Kit, and PLEASE use my Sponsor ID and Enroller ID number when you sign up for your kit: 13364616


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