This is a new one for me.  With my commitment to Paleo, I stopped drinking diet drinks (tea and water only) and trying to eat more real foods. Honestly, the cancer epidemic is what my motivating factors are to clean up my health.  I had a health scare a couple months ago with a bad pap, and went though a lot of testing and procedures, which all came back ok…. but so many others are not so fortunate.  I feel cancer is on the rise due to all the chemicals we are exposed to and are putting in and on our bodies.  So, I was introduced to Young Living about the same time I was awaiting some answers to the procedures.  I love attempting to live a cleaner, more natural life; so oils, I’m learning, and I love it so far!

My greatest suggestion to you is, start with the Premium Starter kit, it has so many oils for you to get started with, samples of the NingXia drink that I love, and an awesome diffuser that comes with the kit.  You also don’t have to sell oils…but you are signed up as a distributor that gives you 24% off anything you will ever purchase. I’ll be sharing with you some of my daily uses, routines, and must haves!

To get started with the starter kit, click here! Please use 13364616 when you sign up, as that is my sponsor number and enroller ID to make sure you go under me so I can help you on your healthier living journey with oils!