It’s important to Lift Heavy Things! More muscle means you burn more fat, and weight training will also help you tone and have results in changing your body composition quicker.

Warm – Up (5-10 min)

Rowing, jump roping, jogging, or jumping on our trampoline are my favorite ways to get the body warmed up.  This helps raise your body temperature and get lubrication going to your joints.

Dynamic stretching – jogging, high knees, kick butts, walking leg extensions, lunges, leg pulls, side to side shuffles, karaoke, whatever it takes to get your muscles going; but don’t static (bend over and hold) to stretch to get muscles ready to work.

5×5 of each of these exercises.  The goal is that I’m going heavy, and by my 5th set, I want to be at my heaviest weight I can do 5x.




Overhead Press

Wall Ball Shots

Check out my video to see how to do these movements:

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