Sharing and Thriving

Sharing and Thriving

Log onto Facebook on Sunday mornings, and here in the Bible Belt, your feed will be full of a plethora of different churches and church members proudly sharing their services that are broadcasting online. It’s beautiful! It’s encouraging! It’s wonderful!

But where were we only just two weeks ago? Guilty as charged. I showed up faithfully to my home church. I did some songs with our kids, I gave, I listened to the messages, and I shook hands and hugged; but why was I never sharing that with the over one-thousand people who say they are my “friends?” Why was I wasting the reach that I have?

Why was it so hard just two weeks ago to even maybe just check-in on Facebook, share a cute picture, share a great takeaway from a message, or share how wonderful worship or the Presence of God was that day? Now, our service is on, and I proudly hit share every week because I am so proud of the house I belong to and I want other people to share with me in that encouragement and hear something I know that can be their light in the dark.

Again, just like me typing this, it is easier to share and comment and speak via a keyboard for myself and obviously so many others! How many people have I personally invited to come to our church building or activities in my tenure there? Sadly, not a number I am proud of.

Now that I’ve beat myself and possibly yourself up from this revelation I had this morning; how beautiful it has been to see which people on my friends list have tuned in to our services! I’ve seen people who only visit our church with family on only Easter or Christmas. I’ve seen people who had left our church. I’ve seen people that I didn’t know they would ever click on a church service that are watching! How powerful are the tools we have in the palms of our hands!

Today, another one of my blessings was seeing other churches my friends had shared as well. I heard beautiful worship from someone I know from way back when during my time playing high school basketball. I heard and saw one of my church family friends LEADING worship in his church. We attended Sunday School together our entire childhood lives. What a beautiful blessing it was!

The CHURCH is alive and well! God bless all of the Pastors, Ministers, Worship leaders, youth workers, sound and A/V workers who in this new time we have found themselves in have chose to RISE up and be His hands and feet! Bless all of you members who are faithfully supporting and sharing your respective houses!

My challenge to you today: Keep serving faithfully, keep sharing in the ways you are comfortable, and once this is over, let’s see His body thrive and continue to share without abandon as we keep sharing, and keep being proud of, and keep wanting everyone to come into the Revelation of Christ!

For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior, who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth

1 Timothy 2:3-4

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