Calling everyone who’s ready to commit to a healthier 2018! I know how I am, and I need accountability and competition to get myself motivated and committed.  So, let’s start out with a 30 day Health Challenge!  Challenge Directions, the link to the point tracking sheet you need, and the form to let me know you are in are provided below to get started.

Challenge Directions!

  1. Challenge runs from Wednesday, January 3rd to Thursday, February 1st
  2. No cost!
  3. Do your choice of nutrition programs, workouts, whatever works for you!
  4. Make sure you take beginning and ending weight and measurements (You get 2 points per inch lost, and 3 points per pound lost)
  5. For your eyes only – take a before and after photo, front, side, and back to see your progress for yourself
  6. Commit to a hydration goal: drink 1/2 your body weight in oz’s, or use this calculator
  7. You may earn a workout point for every day you engage in some type of exercise for 30 minutes or more
  8. To earn your sleep point each day, you must attempt to get more than 7 hours of sleep that day (set a bed time and stick to it!)
  9. The winner will be the one with the most points in the end, and I’m giving a $25 gift card of your choice from me
  10.  Please check in by replying to this blog post or in my facebook group (TBD) with your weekly points to check in
  11. Final point sheets must be shared with me, or by downloading a PDF of this sheet, attaching and sending to by February 2nd
  12. Please join my facebook group and check out my new blog at All shares are also appreciated as I launch my blog.

DOWNLOAD THIS SHEET NOW TO TRACK YOUR POINTS! and fill out the form below so I know you are IN!

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